Kate Redburn

I’m currently a JD/Phd student at Yale Law School and the Yale Department of History, with fields in U.S. legal history, history of political economy, history of gender and sexuality, and neoliberalism studies. My current research focuses on the nexus of neoliberal economic and social theories in public law across the left/right divide. Side projects-in-progress include a critique of conflicts between zoning and family law in the definition of family, and a history of the transgender legal campaign against anti-crossdressing ordinances.

I’m also an active part of the Law & Political Economy community, currently working as the Managing Editor of the LPE Project’s Law & Political Economy Blog.

Prior to starting graduate school, I worked as a community organizer in New York, and as a photographer and oral historian in Argentina thanks to a Fulbright Research Grant. You can also find my writing in magazines, including Jacobin Magazine where I'm a contributing editor.

For current working papers, you can visit my SSRN page. I’m also on twitter @kateredburn.