Kate Redburn


I study the history of late 20th century U.S. law, gender & sexuality, and political economy as a JD/Phd candidate at Yale. My current research in traces the rise of religious objection to anti-discrimination law, with a particular focus on how public accommodations law re-configured the space of the market at the turn of the 21st century.

I’m also an active part of the Law & Political Economy community as the Managing Editor of the LPE Project’s Law & Political Economy Blog.

Prior to starting graduate school, I worked as a community organizer in New York, and as a photographer and oral historian in Argentina thanks to a Fulbright Research Grant. You can also find my writing in magazines, including Jacobin Magazine, where I'm a contributing editor.

For current working papers, you can visit my SSRN page. CV available on request.


email - kate [DOT] redburn [AT] yale [DOT] edu

twitter - @kateredburn.